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What is a Paycard?

A paycard (or payroll card) is an alternative to a traditional bank account or paper check that allows an un- or underbanked employee to be paid electronically via direct deposit.   25.2% of the US workforce is un- and underbanked. The FDIC defines an unbanked...

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How to Determine HR Department Impact on Business ROI

Where Is the HR Department Wasting Time? Find Out Here   Everyone knows the HR department is busy. Those hard-working pros are constantly on the phone doing interviews or screenings, endlessly writing new job descriptions and posting them online, and ceaselessly...

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The #1 Step You Can Take to Ensure Better HR Recruiting

HR Recruiting Is Tough. Here’s How to Ease the Strain.   If you’re an HR professional, we don’t need to tell you that recruiting these days is a tough job. Unemployment is down to some of the lowest levels historically, necessary skillsets are ever-changing – and,...

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How to Improve Your Talent Management Strategy [Webinar]

Effective, Affordable Talent Management Is Easy, It Just Takes Know-How   The future is coming. Are you prepared? According to experts, Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. Experts also claim that there’s a looming job shortage,...

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Is Your HR Department Making a Costly Mistake?

You Can’t Afford to Ignore These HR Mandates   Forget about boardroom drama. These days, most of your business’s drama is somewhere you’d least expect it: the HR department. Much of the work in HR is tedious and time consuming because it requires your HR personnel to...

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