Who Does Sage Payroll PayCard Help?


Many employers have discovered the time and money savings of direct deposit for payroll, but not all employees have bank accounts to accept direct deposit. Finally, you can eliminate the high cost of paper and go 100% electronic with prepaid, direct-disbursement PayCards.

Sage Payroll PayCard simplifies and speeds up payments for your unbanked employees using a Visa debit card, which saves your employees money on check-cashing services while offering them a secure payment method they can use in-store, online, or over the phone.

Benefits of Sage Payroll PayCard


100% Electronic Payroll Processing

  • Works like direct deposit
  • Faster, easier payments
  • Eliminates check printing and mailing costs

Simplifies Incidental Payments

  • Paperless per diems and other incidentals
  • Combine with smart phone pictures of receipts to streamline paperwork
  • Zero liability for lost, stolen, or fraudulently used cards

Money Management Flexibility

  • Use direct debit like a credit card anywhere Visa debit is accepted
  • National ATM network for cash withdrawals
  • Mobile account access for debit card
  • Use in-store, online, or over the phone


Sage Payroll PayCard Features


Keep Employees Focused

Financial stress can distract all of us. Ensure that all your employees get paid on time, every time, so they stay happy, relaxed, and focused on your business.

Interim Funds Capabilities

Provide advances to your employees who don’t have access to traditional credit through WageBank, an enhancement to your PayCard program.

Works Like a Credit Card

Your employees will finally be able to pay bills and get cash without the hassle, since a Visa debit card empowers them to make payments or purchases anywhere Visa is accepted, including over the Internet.

Questions about Sage Payroll PayCard?