Integrated HR & Payroll Platform Plus PEO Services

Effortlessly hire, pay, manage, and retain employees.

Paychex is dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes with comprehensive and tailored human capital management solutions. Paychex enables your organization to simplify your administrative processes, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and growth, while providing cutting-edge tools and unparalleled expertise, so you can focus on what you do best.


Solutions for Today’s Business

Through a unique combination of industry leading technology and personal service, with five decades of experience and more than 730,000 clients, Paychex pays one out of every 12 American private sector employees.

Why use Paychex HR and PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services from PeopleSense?



Paychex offers specialized knowledge in HR and payroll, ensuring that businesses adhere to regulations and best practices.


Cost Efficiency

Using Paychex may lead to cost savings, as businesses can avoid hiring full-time personnel or investing in dedicated software for HR and payroll functions.


Employee Benefits

With Paychex PEO services, even smaller companies can offer competitive benefits packages to their employees, which can help in attracting and retaining talent.


Risk Management

Paychex provides guidance and support in navigating potential HR risks, from employment lawsuits to workers’ compensation claims.


Technology & Tools

Paychex offers advanced tools and software platforms, providing businesses with up-to-date tech solutions for HR and payroll needs.


Time Savings

Outsourcing HR and payroll tasks to Paychex can allow businesses to focus more on their core operations rather than administrative duties.



Paychex ensures that companies stay compliant with local, state, and federal labor laws, which can be complex and ever-changing.


Integrated Solutions

Paychex offers a range of integrated solutions, from payroll to retirement services, allowing businesses to have a unified approach to employee management.



As businesses grow, Paychex services can scale with them, accommodating increased HR and payroll demands without the need for a business to drastically adjust its internal structures.



Clients can rely on continuous support from Paychex, with expert assistance just a phone call or email away.

Utilizing Paychex HR and PEO services from PeopleSense offers your organization the opportunity to streamline your HR processes, maintain compliance, and provide better benefits and services to your employees, all while potentially saving on costs and reducing administrative burdens.

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