Sage Attendance

Benefits & Paid Time Off Management • Scalable • 100% Web-Based & Compliant

How Can Sage Attendance Help You?


Tracking time-off accrual and usage takes a lot of paperwork for you and your employees – and things that take a lot of paperwork usually lead to error. Switch to 100% web-based time-off accrual, tracking, and management so you can permanently eliminate errors arising from manual time-tracking processes.

Companies that use Sage Attendance save an average of 3% – 5% on total payroll costs by becoming more efficient with time-off tracking and management using automated workflows that empower your employees to take time off with simple, one-click requests.

How it works:

Employees and managers access accrual information and make requests anywhere and any time through a self-service, web-based portal. All requests must first pass an automated process that enforces your company’s policies and requirements. Requests that pass this process are immediately sent to management for approvals, meaning the entire time-off process is completed 100% electronically and headache-free.

Benefits of Sage Attendance


Reduces Paperwork

  • Paperless, 100% electronic system saves on paper costs and paperwork time
  • Create, manage, respond to, and approve requests paper-free
  • Built-in, flexible payroll reporting through Crystal Reports

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive, web-based user interface doesn’t require training
  • One-click process makes it easy to request and approve earned time off
  • Optional calendar-based views make planning a breeze
  • Online help and how-to guides answer your questions fast

Saves Time

  • Automates request and approval process
  • Built-in policy enforcement ensure that requests meet company policy
  • Workflows keep requests moving through the system quickly
  • Administrator toolkit manages updates and completes IT work for you

Keeps Your Company On Track

  • Helps managers collect and analyze time-off behavior
  • Employees can see their balances any time and anywhere
  • Scalable software meets your needs as a small company and beyond


Sage Attendance Features


Enforces Your Company Policy

Built-in requirements-matching system checks all requests against company policy rules first, before sending a request for approval. This enforces company policy automatically and streamlines the managerial approval process by ensuring that all received requests have already met basic criteria for approval.

Extremely Flexible and Detailed

Supports holiday rules, union policies, and more levels and types of time-off options for all your employees, so that you can grant requests and track employee habits with ease.

Anytime / Anywhere Access

Available on-premises, as a SaaS solution, or using managed hosting, Sage Attendance can be available any time and anywhere your employees are, helping you encourage time-off requests made well in advance.

Fully Compliant and Secure

Since it’s usually deployed over the Internet, Sage Attendance automatically includes all the data encryption and security features your business needs to ensure the privacy and safety of your employee data. Software is Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, contains an audit trail for payroll and tax compliance, features 100% encrypted data, and provides role-based security access with easy, comprehensive reporting.

Always Up-to-Date

Administrator toolkit works in the background, keeping your software running smoothly all the time with automatically applied updates and check-ups. This reduces the software burden for your IT department.

Tracks More than Time Off

In addition to tracking time off, Sage Attendance also helps companies manage vehicle tracking and mileage reimbursement, and provides extra support for transactions such as bonuses, awards, and commissions.

Integrates with Sage HRMS

Ensures easy, time-saving, and accurate data entry through full integration with Sage HRMS, the end-to-end HR, payroll, benefits, and recruiting system that helps your company keep your employees happy and working hard.

Questions about Sage Attendance?