Sage HRMS Cyber Train

Who Uses Sage HRMS Cyber Train?


Perhaps your industry mandates that your employees maintain various certifications to meet compliance needs, and you need an organized, bullet-proof method to ensure that employees stay up to date on their requirements. After all, if their certification levels fall behind, your company will be responsible for costly non-compliance fines.

Perhaps your company doesn’t require employee certifications, but you understand that the best way to attract and retain talented, motivated employees is to offer additional learning opportunities that challenge and excite them – but you also know you need to keep them on track.

No matter what your training reason or need, Sage HRMS Cyber Train can help you organize, assign, and track learning opportunities for all your employees with an easy-to-use self-service portal, automated alerts, and flexible course management and scheduling tools.



Increases Compliance

  • Automatically assign certifications and trainings based on employee role
  • Track training requirements, enrollments, status, programs, and more
  • Notifications let you know about expiration dates in advance
  • Eliminates costly non-compliance fines

Empowers Employees

  • Support for external and internal coursework
  • Acts as tuition reimbursement portal
  • Self-service, on-demand training and testing

Makes Training Easy

  • Automated supervisor approvals
  • Use with SOPs, in-house training, client-built training, or purchased courses
  • Limit enrollment parameters, such as by class size or job function



Self-Service Portal

Supervisors, instructors, and employees all have access to an easy-to-use, intuitive self-service portal that delivers the information they need at a glance to keep them on track any time and anywhere.

Comprehensive Tracking and Notifications

Get real-time updates on employee progress through assigned training, with status reports that help you understand how your company is doing on required or elective learning. Get automatic notifications about re-certification deadlines to keep renewals timely.

Supports Many Learning Methods

Whether you need help with in-house training, onboarding, certification study, or external coursework tuition reimbursement, Sage HRMS Cyber Train can assist you to logically plan, track, and manage instructional delivery at the employee’s pace.

Flexible Class Management

Assign and assess courses quickly and easily with role-based enrollment, online testing, and seamless data import directly from your Sage HRMS system. Once employees are in classes, view up-to-date status reports and automatically send deadline reminders to keep learners on task.

Tiered Options Meet Your Needs

Choose the option that best fits your company’s unique needs, size, budget, and industry, with three tiered software options: Express, Professional, and Enterprise. Each full-service solution offers a range of included services and time-saving features, and is available in-house or on the cloud.

Linked with Sage HRMS

Log training data into your HR Management System using seamless, paperless data transfer between Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS Cyber Train.

Questions about Sage HRMS Cyber Train?