Paperless Forms and Workflows

Would You Save Time with Paperless Forms and Workflows?


Completing forms takes a lot of time and paperwork. Plus, it takes a lot of double-checking, which can slow employee onboarding and delay critical training. Streamline employee form completion with Paperless Forms and Workflows, a guided online forms creation tool and checklist that makes it easy to ensure that all forms are completed properly.

Create your own specific onboarding forms for employees and share them with the right employees at the right time, so they can fill them out on your schedule.

By streamlining and simplifying these processes, Human Resources can improve how they communicate required actions to employees and provide them with a more user-friendly and reliable approach to onboarding requirements, annual performance reviews, and other recurring forms.

Benefits of Paperless Forms and Workflows


Reduces Paperwork

  • Paperless, 100% electronic system saves on paper costs and paperwork time
  • Easy, one-click data entry permanently eliminates manual entry errors
  • Create unlimited web-based forms

Easy to Use

  • Step-by-step wizard guides HR through dynamic forms-creation process
  • No programming skills needed
  • No need to involve IT

Provides High Visibility

  • Forms checklist status helps employees understand how much work is left
  • Managers can track form-completion status
  • Keeps expectations clear, since employees only see the forms they need
  • Up-to-date data is always available, companywide 

Saves Time

  • Dashboards provide immediate insight into form status for managers and HR
  • Automatically sends forms to the right employees at the right time
  • Companywide access to the latest forms
  • Automates nearly every manager-initiated process, such as hires, fires, transfers, promotions, raises, and more


Paperless Forms and Workflows Features


Displays Status for High Visibility

With manager- and HR-accessible dashboards, it’s easy to see how paperwork is going for employees, so you can intervene or send reminders if needed. Employees can see their progress on forms, so they can understand how much work they have left to do.

Anytime / Anywhere Access

Web-based forms and checklists are available over the Internet or your company’s intranet, using Sage Employee Self Service to automatically deliver forms to the right employees at the right time, based on HR-created routing rules.

Secure and Encrypted

Keep your employees’ personal information secure and compliant at all times with multiple layers of security, as well as advanced encryption functionality. Paperless Forms and Workflows is also industry compliant, with permanent, time-stamped audit trails.

Accurate Data

With cross-field validation that ensures the right data is on the right form, and one-click data export into Sage HRMS, you can be assured that your employees are providing you with the right data on forms, and that updated information is transferred into your system correctly.

Always Up to Date

Your Human Resources department will only have to define criteria for form completion once, and Paperless Forms and Workflows and Sage Employee Self Service will automatically deliver forms based on those criteria going forward. When HR updates a form, the new updated version will be used for all form requests going forward.

Offers Complete Control

Managers and HR can override form status at any time in the process to cancel, update, or reissue forms when needed, and all forms can be customized with brand, colors, graphics, and more.

Integrates with Sage HRMS and Sage Employee Self Service

Ensures easy, time-saving, and accurate data entry through full integration with Sage HRMS, the end-to-end HR, payroll, benefits, and recruiting system that helps your company keep your employees happy and working hard. Paperless Forms and Workflows is not a standalone solution.

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