Hosted Solutions and Applications

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Why Hosted Solutions and Applications?


The cloud brings a new level of functionality to the applications you use every day.

The convenience and ease-of-use of hosted applications can help you better streamline and coordinate operations, making your staff more efficient and increasing profitability.

Whether you’re a small company or a multinational conglomerate, you should consider hosted applications for your business.

Benefits of Hosted Solutions and Applications


Ease of Access

  • Work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Peace of Mind

  • PeopleSense monitors servers and handles back-ups so you can concentrate on your customers and business

Reduce Risk

  • Upscale or downscale your IT resources as your revenue or market changes

Reduce Costs

  • Remove large capital outlays for new servers and pay as you grow instead of over purchasing capacity upfront
  • Allocate your manpower and capital to more profitable endeavors instead of having them deal with IT issues

Increase Reliability

  • PeopleSense handles standard Windows and SQL server updates with minimal impact on your operations

Improve Customer Service

  • Focus on your customers instead of IT issues


Hosted Solutions and Applications Features


  • PeopleSense network engineers will monitor and maintain your hosted server to ensure maximum performance and reliability
  • Windows Server & SQL Server updates applied as needed during non-business hours
  • Three, rolling, complete server “snapshots” will be performed nightly
  • SQL Server databases backed up nightly and stored on your hosted server (options available for external SQL backups away from your hosted server for an additional charge)
  • Notification of available M2M / Intuitive ERP / HRMS software updates
  • ERP or HRMS system updates can be scheduled with your consultant or optionally applied automatically if desired; consulting can be provided for any customizations, training, etc. based on current consulting rates


  • All items included in Package 1, plus a monthly, white-glove support service option unique to PeopleSense and performed by your  consultant to provide peace of mind and return on investment by ensuring your ERP or HRMS system is performing optimally
  • Proactive monitoring of how you use your ERP or HRMS system by the consultant who knows you best (recommended for new implementations, after large projects or post-training of new system admins)
  • Monitoring of ERP or HRMS application-specific system logs for warnings and errors
  • Small, non-critical requests can be emailed to your consultant for the next server visit
  • Database performance tuning
  • Monitoring of server during peak system usage to determine whether additional resources might be recommended


  • All items included in Packages 1 & 2, plus ten (10) hours of PeopleSense consulting and support time at a special “Hosted Client” rate
  • Five (5) custom email alerts, driven by your data on triggers / transactions of your choosing (available options include alert-driven PDF reports)
  • Access to a “sandbox” server environment for testing and other large projects using a copy of your data. Environment will be completely isolated and will not impact your live system. (Perfect for trying out major version upgrades or add-on modules. Some restrictions will apply.)
  • There are other aspects of this service package that can be tailored to your specific needs
  • Please contact PeopleSense to discuss how to get the most out of your premium support option

Questions about Hosted Solutions and Applications?