NOVAtime Time Clocks

Flexible Clock In / Clock Out • Remote & Barcode Data Collection • Real-Time

What Can NOVAtime Time Clocks Do?


If you’re in charge of tracking time for your company, it can feel like you’re drowning in a sea of paperwork. Plus, when employees ask you “what-ifs” about their hours, schedule, or time-off accruals (and they often do), it probably takes quite a bit of time to track that information down.

NOVAtime Time Clocks save you time and unclutter your desk by providing a secure, easy-to-use, paperless clock in / clock out solution that can also provide up-to-date employee accrual information, schedules, and labor-hour calculations.

From full-service, biometric time-tracking kiosks, to highly effective mobile app- and telephone-based solutions for your employees in the field, NOVAtime Time Clocks will help you take charge of your employees’ time and your own — so you can get more done.

Benefits of NOVAtime Time Clocks



  • Flexible, paperless data collection eliminates pesky paper piles
  • Multiple connectivity options match your workplace needs 


  • Biometric clock in / clock out eliminates “buddy punches”
  • Increases employee compliance 


  • Full-featured kiosks offer comprehensive self-service employee data
  • Barcode or mobile-based scanners and tools for off-site teams
  • Automated telephone and mobile app options for remote employees
  • Supports multiple languages 

Real Time

  • One of the first companies to use “push” technology for time tracking
  • Web-based labor entry keeps updated info available at all times

NOVAtime Time Clocks Features


Secure Clock In / Clock Out

From biometrics (hand or fingerprint), HID proximity, and one-to-one barcode scanning in the field, know that your employees are on the job when they say they are.

Web-Based Push Notifications

Beginning over a decade ago, NOVAtime was one of the first companies to use “push” technology, which enables automatic, real-time notifications about labor hours and habits, delivered in a way that works for you.

Flexible Data Collection

Collect clock in / clock out data using proximity, swipe cards, badge scanning, biometrics fingerprints or hands, automated telephone systems, or mobile apps. Track your employees the way that works best for you.

Integrated Time Clock

NOVAtime Time Clocks can connect to NOVAtime Time and Attendance software, achieving end-to-end workforce management through reporting, dashboards, workflow actions, and HR software integrations that improve your company’s efficiency and productivity. 

Self-Service Kiosks

Help your employees answer important labor-hour questions when they want to, with optional full-featured, HD, smart kiosks that provide comprehensive hours, schedule, and time-off accruals on demand.

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