How Does HR Software Help?

Your company’s largest expense likely comes from attracting and maintaining skilled employees, so you already understand the value in managing your talent. HR software makes it easy to inspire and motivate your employees for years to come, so your company can maximize productivity and profitability. That’s not the only way that HR software helps you save time. Did you know that the average HR department wastes more than 50% of their time on completing administrative tasks? HR software helps your team get administrative time back, effortlessly, so your HR department can focus on what really matters: strengthening your team.

Benefits of HR Management Software


Put It All Together

  • Easy to use, all-in-one system
  • Connects up your payroll, benefits, performance reviews, applicant tracking system, and employee self-service

Get Your Time Back

  • Refocuses your people on what matters by reducing the time you waste on administrative work

Make Faster Decisions

  • Better analytics that help your team with objective analysis
  • Ensures accurate, strong, fact-based decisions companywide

Stay Confident in ACA Compliance & OSHA

  • Stop worrying about government regulations
  • Takes care of compliance reporting for you


Sage HRMS Features


Payroll Management and Processing

Stop wasting precious time with spreadsheets and start processing your payroll quickly and efficiently, so that your employees get paid on time, every time.

Recruiting and Onboarding

If you need new employees, that means you’re already running low on time – you need to find qualified candidates and bring them up to speed fast. Now you can, with streamlined recruiting and onboarding located right within your HR management system.

Risk Mitigation and Compliance

Not only do you have annual tax paperwork to file and take care of for your employees, you also have quarterly and new hire paperwork too. Of course there’s also the OSHA and ACA compliance paperwork… how do you handle it all? Easy. You have Sage HRMS.

Time Off Management

Sometimes it feels like organizing employee time off requests should be a job in itself (actually, it is a job in itself – that’s why HR Managers are so in demand). Get software that simplifies this task for you so you can plan your labor properly.

Employee Benefits Management

From payroll, to different levels of coverage, to different coverage requirements and regulations and complying with COBRA and ACA, handling your employees’ benefits can take up a lot of time – unless you have software to handle it for you.

Paperless HR

Say goodbye to stacks of paper cluttering your office. Your new paperless HR software system helps you stay organized and efficient, with on-screen records access and management. 

Talent Management

Hiring employees is expensive and time consuming, so hanging on to your good employees is extremely important. Keep your team happy and building their skills with talent management help from right within your helpful software.

Decision Support and Advice

Even though human resources requires filling out a lot of paperwork, the real task is to manage humans – your employees. And the one thing we know about people is that they will always surprise you with unpredictable choices and questions. Get help and advice when you need it with Sage Advice for Sage HRMS.

Questions about Sage HRMS?