Hosted Applications and Managed Services

Why Hosted Solutions and Applications?


The cloud brings a new level of functionality to the applications you use every day.

The convenience and ease-of-use of hosted applications can help you better streamline and coordinate operations, making your staff more efficient and increasing profitability.

Whether you’re a small company or a multinational conglomerate, you should consider hosted applications for your business.

Why Managed Services?


Engaging a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can help reduce and control costs, increase efficiency and competitiveness, and provide scalability.

A Managed Service Provider helps you by:

  • Reducing operational costs, conserving capital budgets and lowering IT operating expenses
  • Eliminating technological distractions and allowing you to focus on your core business and activities that generate revenue
  • Removing the pain and frustration of working with and managing multiple IT vendors
  • Providing you the ability to scale resources up and down as your business requires

Benefits of Hosted Solutions and Applications


Cloud Benefits, Plus Support

  • Hosting your solution on the cloud offers more than just cost savings and convenience, it also offers peace of mind. Our application hosting comes with managed network security services, backup and recovery and a team that works hand in hand with your PeopleSense consultant, so you can enjoy comprehensive HRMS support. 

Same HRMS, Easier IT Management

  • When you host Sage HRMS on the cloud, you get the best of both worlds because you don’t have to disrupt your business by migrating operations to new cloud-based software. Instead, application hosting simply moves the IT management burden for your existing HRMS off your plate, so you can focus on your business. 

Application Hosting

  • Application hosting services for Sage HRMS can help you ease your IT burden with the knowledge that you have a trained and certified team of engineers keeping your cloud-hosted ERP available for you whenever — and wherever — you need it. 


  • PeopleSense has the resources and expertise to seamlessly interface with your application hosting provider, helping you enjoy the easy management that comes from having a significantly reduced IT footprint.  

Benefits of Managed Services


Flexible, Reliable Data Security

  • Whether you want a team of engineers watching out for all your data security around the clock, or you simply want an IT expert that will keep an eye on your Sage HRMS solution, we can meet your specific requirements with customized, flexible, and reliable managed services offerings that work to further your business objectives and meet your business needs.

Your Business Data’s Safety Net

  • With a team of IT security professionals focused on overseeing, managing, and regularly testing your backups, you’ll finally be able to return your own focus to where it belongs: strategizing to grow your business. You can leave your IT security worries behind you because your data will be safely protected at all times, yet quickly available right when you need it.

Mindsight Managed Services

  • As one of the largest, expert-level engineering teams in Chicago, with the highest ratio of engineers to clients, our partner, Mindsight, is the managed services provider (MSP) you can count on when you’re looking for full data security and a firm that truly listens to your specific needs and goals.

PeopleSense ERP

  • PeopleSense has the resources and expertise to handle your HRMS updates and patches for you, while working with your managed services provider to provide full, 360-degree protection for your Sage HRMS.

Questions about Hosted Applications or Managed Services?