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Sage HRMS - Human Resources Workforce Management

It takes a lot of money to attract and maintain skilled employees, so it’s worth it to make sure your team stays hard working and productive. Unfortunately, it’s tough to motivate and inspire your employees to achieve great heights when you’re stuck in your office spending all your time on dull HR tasks.

Increase happiness, productivity, and accuracy companywide with Sage HRMS, the powerhouse end-to-end human resources management system that makes it effortless to:

  • Connect payroll, benefits, performance reviews, and more – seamlessly
  • Reduce your administrative time
  • Access objective analytics for faster, better decision making
  • Maintain ACA and OSHA compliance and reporting
  • Complete HR tasks paper-free

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Sage HRMS Payroll

When businesses hire employees, they usually expect to save time – but adding more people to your staff usually results in a lot more paperwork. Increases in tedious paperwork lead to errors, which are likely to upset those hard-working employees you took so long to find.

Stop wasting your time and energy on administrative paperwork; let a payroll automation system do the work! With Sage HRMS Payroll you can:

  • Offer variable pay rates and methods
  • Auto-accrue sick time and vacation time for employees
  • Direct deposit payroll 100% electronically
  • Complete U.S. and Canadian reporting and withholding
  • Use custom or ready-to-print checks

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Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow

The more moving parts your company has, the more likely it is that something will fall through the cracks. From drug-test results, to certification expirations, to pay-raise effective dates and scheduled leaves of absence, hard-working HR departments often feel like they’re playing a constant game of catch up.

Stop saying “If only we had known…” and start being proactive with Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow, the alert and reminder system that makes it easy to:

  • Create alerts and workflows using step-by-step wizards
  • Keep on top of recent events with rolling deadlines
  • Set up unlimited action triggers
  • Auto-sync important dates with your Sage HRMS system
  • Get real-time or scheduled alerts for important developments

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Sage Attendance

Tracking time-off accrual on paperwork not only takes a lot of time and paper, it also creates a lot of room for error. Plus, if employees have to come to you to request time off all the time, they’re likely to wait until the last minute to request time off – which creates havoc with your scheduling procedures.

Reduce errors and help your company become more efficient overall by using Sage Attendance, the self-service, web-based time off portal that makes it easy to:

  • Save an average of 3% – 5% on total payroll costs
  • Automate time-off approvals with customized workflows
  • Create, manage, respond to, and approve requests paper-free
  • Plan for scheduled time off with calendar views
  • Ensure policy enforcement for every request made

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Sage Benefits Enrollment

Offering lots of benefits is a wonderful thing to do. Managing lots of benefits, however, is not wonderful. In fact, it’s a serious drain on your busy time. Plus, it clutters your desk with a lot of paperwork and makes it more likely you’ll miss critical deadlines with your benefits carriers.

Luckily, you do have the option to choose a 100% paperless, online benefits enrollment system with Sage Benefits Enrollment. This easy-to-use program helps you:

  • Create online benefits enrollment forms using step-by-step wizards
  • Automatically walk your employees through open enrollment
  • Reduce enrollment confusion by limiting employee options to eligible plans
  • Empower employees to update life events on their own, year round
  • Manage reminders and enrollment status to keep employees on track

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Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger

For your employees, their paperwork requirements end after open enrollment. For you, open enrollment means your work has simply entered a new stage: data entry. Because you’re crunched for time during data entry, you’re likely to make many errors – which leads to more time and effort spent remedying mistakes.

With Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger, you can skip that data entry stage, using the fast-set-up system that helps you:

  • Auto-extract employee data from your HRMS system
  • Instantly format the data to send to your carriers
  • Automate scheduled sends for your benefits enrollment information
  • Save on paper and mail costs with a 100% electronic solution
  • Verify sent documents with email confirmations

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Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter

From job postings, resume screenings, interview scheduling, and narrowing candidate choices, it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right person for the job. However, when you’re hiring, you and your staff are already overworked and you don’t have any time to waste.

Save time and make recruiting easier with Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter. This innovative system will streamline your candidate search so you can:

  • Auto-post jobs to your careers page, social media, and popular job boards
  • Qualify applicants as soon as they’re interested – paper-free!
  • Parse resume keywords and filter to find “best-fit” applicants quickly
  • Simplify interview scheduling and automate email responses
  • Streamline your onboarding process with paper-free tools

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Sage HRMS Cyber Train

Whether your industry requires your to meet compliance requirements or your company strategy is to provide ongoing training options, it takes a lot of work to remember deadlines, double-check certification requirements, and ensure that employees stay on track. If you don’t you may face costly non-compliance fines.

Help your employees manage their own training and certification deadlines with Sage HRMS Cyber Train, the self-service training software that empowers your employees and their supervisors to:

  • Automatically assign certifications and trainings
  • Track training status and enrollment updates
  • Receive warnings about upcoming certification deadlines
  • Access and create on-demand training, day or night
  • Seamlessly import certification and training data into Sage HRMS

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Sage Employee Self Service

Savvy employers understand that offering competitive benefits is one of the best ways to ensure you recruit and maintain talented employees – but those talented employees sure do ask a lot of questions about the status of their benefits accruals.

If you feel like you’re spending more than enough time explaining benefits to your employees, it’s time to consider Sage Employee Self Service, the empowering solution that’s helping companies and their employees:

  • Plan smart with detailed access to their benefits accruals
  • Approve time off requests efficiently
  • Make better, faster decisions with detailed analytics
  • Access their benefits information anywhere and any time
  • Reference employee handbooks and training manuals on demand

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Sage HRMS HR Actions

Filling out forms takes time, entering in forms takes time, and fixing inaccurate data entry takes time too – but you have no time to waste when you’re onboarding new employees or collecting critical workforce information.

Use Sage HRMS HR Actions to create your own custom web-based forms so that you can:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry errors
  • Streamline and simplify onboarding
  • Save money on paper, postage, and other traditional forms costs
  • Make it easy for employees to confidently complete forms
  • Keep track of form-completion status and meet deadlines

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Sage OrgPlus

Company growth is a sign that your company doing well, but it’s also a sign that your company is changing. As your company evolves, it’s important to keep your employees informed about recent changes and updates to your organizational structure… but creating and updating org charts takes a lot of time.

Save time on organizational charts while helping your company plan for its strategic future with Sage OrgPlus, the software that helps you:

  • Build org charts using 36 predefined, customizable templates
  • Auto-sync roles and employee data
  • Communicate overall structure and roles at your company
  • View, share, manipulate, and collaborate on charts in real time
  • Centralize employee contact info for easy access

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Sage Payroll PayCard

Direct deposit saves time and money for employers, but costs rise when you also have to print and mail paper checks for your employees who don’t have the ability to accept direct deposit.

Finally, there’s a way you can reduce those check-printing costs and provide financial freedom for your unbanked employees: Sage Payroll PayCard. This innovative electronic pay solution helps you:

  • Speed up payments for employees without banks
  • Transition to 100% electronic payroll processing
  • Provide easy advances to your employees when needed
  • Simplify incidentals payments and reimbursements
  • Offer credit-card-like freedom to your employees

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Sage Payroll Tax Forms & eFiling

Completing employee payroll processing takes enough of your attention throughout the year, but when it’s time for tax reporting and filing, ACA reporting, and W-2 mailing, employee payroll begins to feel like too much to handle.

Stop focusing on tedious administrative work and get back to growing your business, because with Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling, you’ll have the power to:

  • Electronically file 300+ versions of tax forms
  • Meet U.S. and Canadian tax reporting requirements
  • eFile your ACA reports and W-2s
  • Guarantee tax report delivery
  • Eliminate many tax filing expenses

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Finding and hiring new employees has always been an exhausting process, but these days it’s even harder because completely unqualified applicants now have the power to send you their resumes with the click of a button. When you finally do find that perfect employee, another grueling process must happen: onboarding.

It’s time you stopped dreading the hiring process and started finding the best candidates fast with iRecruit, the cloud-based hiring solution busy companies are using to:

  • Manage the entire hiring process online
  • Auto-post to job boards, your careers page, and social media
  • Search and qualify resumes in record time
  • Stay up to date on applicant status
  • Schedule interviews and email applicants stress free

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My Workforce Analyzer

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect, many employers were left wondering exactly what they needed to do, and what the penalties would be if they didn’t meet their requirements. Plus, they suddenly had to complete many more IRS forms, which took time.

With My Workforce Analyzer, businesses have access to the ACA answers they’ve been looking for, with detailed tools that help companies:

  • Import data from Sage HRMS for stress-free ACA reporting set up
  • Understand the costs of supplying vs. not supplying healthcare coverage
  • Auto-generate and fill out IRS forms 1094-C and 1095-C
  • Maintain updated information for one-stop ACA record-keeping
  • Plan for requirement deadlines with helpful countdowns

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NOVAtime Time & Attendance

If your company is struggling under the paperwork load of managing time sheets for many employees, you’re likely also struggling to make effective labor decisions and ensure accurate data entry. The longer you wait to improve your time tracking methods, the more likely you are to make big mistakes.

Fortunately, the solution to time sheet management problems is easy: NOVAtime Time and Attendance. This robust and extremely flexible time sheet management program offers end-to-end clock and time sheet management, including:

  • 150+ pre-installed, customizable report templates
  • Automated complex pay rule programming
  • 300+ seamless software integrations to eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Real-time employee hours tracking and approvals
  • Detailed dashboards that help ensure faster, better decisions

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NOVAtime Time Clocks

If you’re still tracking employee hours on paper, not only is your desk constantly cluttered, it also means you have to spend a lot of time entering data and answering employee hourly accrual questions. Plus, paper-based time tracking is easy to manipulate by your less-than-punctual employees.

NOVAtime Time Clocks make it easy for you to save time on your time tracking and ensure accurate clock in / clock out procedures with:

  • Flexible, paperless data collection
  • Physical and virtual clock in / clock out options
  • Barcode and mobile-based scanners for off-site teams
  • Employee self-service information kiosks
  • Multiple language support

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