Sage OrgPlus

Why Choose Sage OrgPlus?


Recreating organizational structures is important to keep your company agile, on track, and planning for the future – but it’s hard to find the time to create and format org charts on a regular basis.

Make org charts easy with Sage OrgPlus, the organizational charting software tool that helps you plan, import, publish, format, collaborate, and measure impact with your organization charts.

Available on-premises or on the cloud, organizational charting software from Sage will help you get a handle on org charts, so you can focus more attention on growing your business.

Benefits of Sage OrgPlus


Reduces Paperwork

  • Centralizes employee contact info
  • Collaborate in real time with email alerts and notifications
  • View, share, and manipulate charts in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel

Easy to Use

  • Customize 36 predefined charts with deign tools, pictures, and more
  • Strategize and plan with built-in formulas, headcounts, salary, etc.

Saves Time

  • Publishes charts directly to the Web or intranet
  • Refreshes data on your set schedule

Keeps Your Company Up to Date

  • Helps your employees understand overall structure and roles
  • Auto-publish and auto-sync roles
  • SaaS version connects employees in real time


Sage OrgPlus Features


Customizable Layouts

Get immediate access to 36 predefined charts that you can customize with flexible design tools, visual effects, pictures, and more, plus drag-and-drop formatting and automated data import for additional time savings. 

Encourages Collaboration and Planning

SaaS version, Sage OrgPlus Real Time, empowers your employees to engage in real-time discussion exploring changes, updates, and what-if scenarios in your organization chart planning process. Scheduled updates help your employees see what’s changing at your company as changes happen.

Integrates with Microsoft Office

Work comfortably with full freedom to generate and view charts in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint before import, or export all data to Excel for your employees who prefer spreadsheets.

Anytime / Anywhere Access

Publish to the Web, your company’s intranet, or work directly on the cloud with flexible licensing and publishing options that meet your needs, wherever and whenever.

Integrates with Sage HRMS

Set up easy-to-use automatic import capabilities from Sage HRMS to save time and eliminate errors in data entry. All you have to do is set up the mapping information and Sage HRMS does all the rest for you.

Complementary Solutions to Sage OrgPlus and Sage OrgPlus Real Time

Questions about Sage OrgPlus?