Employee Background Screening & Credit Check

Federal, State & County • Civil & Criminal • Screening & Verification

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Employee background screening is an important tool for companies wanting to avoid discrimination issues and costly lawsuits, plus screening services get you the detailed facts you need – before you make an employment offer.

Go above and beyond the commonly used services and choose what is possibly the most extensive employment background screening service in the United States, with comprehensive professional verifications, drug and driving screenings, civil and criminal background checks, and terrorist registry investigations.

Benefits of Employee Background Screening & Credit Check Services


Ensure Workplace Security

  • Federal, state, and county civil and criminal checks
  • DMV/DOT screening
  • Drug screening
  • OFAC terrorist registry

Ensure You Have the Facts

  • Employment credit checks
  • Professional license verification
  • Education verification
  • SSN tracing
  • Integrated with Sage HRMS

Avoid Costly Fines and Lawsuits

  • Helps protect you from discrimination lawsuits
  • Ensure licensure and certification compliance


Employee Background Screening & Credit Check Services Deliver


Extensive Employee Screening

Rest easy, knowing that you’ve hired the right person for your workplace. With complete background screening from the federal level to the local county level, you can trust that you have the facts about the people who have access to your offices.

Comprehensive Verification Services

Compliance regulations require that your employees meet a certain standard, so you’ll want to double-check and triple-check credentials before you hire drivers, educators, health providers, or other certified professionals. We can help with that.

Credit Checks, SSN Tracing, and Terrorist Registry

Ensure that you can track a clear history for your employees with employment credit checks, terrorist registry checks, and social-security-number tracing that helps you compare the on-file facts to the application you have in your hand.

The Services That Matter

Having objective information is important. We encourage anyone performing any level of pre-employment screening to educate themselves on what PeopleSense has to offer. You may be surprised at what you weren’t able to find out before.

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