Sage Employee Self Service

Why Use Sage Employee Self Service?


If you feel like you’re constantly on the phone answering employee questions about time off, benefits, performance reviews, or other HR information, it might be time to consider Sage Employee Self Service.

Sage Employee Self Service helps growing companies save time on paperwork while reducing phone queries by providing a one-stop lookup portal that employees and their supervisors can use to get updated information about work performance, benefits, pay, and time off accrual. It empowers your employees with self sufficiency, and offers your executives and HR the data they need to make faster, better, more informed workforce decisions.



Time Savings Companywide

  • Employees plan smart by referencing their accrual numbers and salary data
  • Supervisors approve quickly with instant access to employee data
  • HR saves phone time because employees can look up their own info
  • Executives get analytics that help with faster, better decisions

Anytime / Anywhere Access

  • Intranet or Internet available
  • Smartphone and tablet access
  • View data and request time off from home or at work

Information at a Glance

  • Gadgets on login screen provide up-to-date, personalized info
  • Analytics for workforce analysis
  • Customizable links for instant handbook and training access



Internet Ready

Easily set up Internet-based access to help your employees and their supervisors manage time off and benefits from work, home, or on the road with their mobile device.

Workflows for Streamlining

Speed up approvals, onboarding, and benefits management with automated workflows that alert managers when their employees request time off or don’t meet performance standards, as well as provide alerts for HR about important changes and updates. 

Paperless Records

Offer online access for employee paycheck stubs, performance reviews, benefits details, and more – and save the costs of paper printing and mailing for you. In addition, employees can access W-4s and other critical forms when they need to. 

Analytics Speed Decision Making

Slice and dice employment data to ensure faster, more efficient decisions. All analytics are sent to HR and can be shared with CEOs, CFOs, and other executives for better workforce analysis and planning.


Upload custom links and documents to your Sage Employee Self Service system and customize its appearance with your own logo and company information. 


Anytime / anywhere login is protected by multiple layers of security and role-based permissions to prevent unauthorized data access, and logins can also be placed on your company intranet. Enable single sign on for faster access, or tighten security more by requiring passwords for each data access point.

Integrated with Sage HRMS

Sage Employee Self Service is an integrated module for Sage HRMS; it is not a standalone application.

Questions about Sage Employee Self Service?