Business Process Evaluations

Increase Productivity • Eliminate Bottlenecks • Improve Business Processes

Is It Time for a Business Process Evaluation?


If you suspect you may not be utilizing your HRMS system to its full potential, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, almost nobody is truly receiving the maximum returns from their human resources software investment. A business process evaluation will help you recognize and achieve your goals.

Tap into the extensive knowledge, training, and experience you need to improve your operations and maximize your ROI by meeting with a PeopleSense HRMS consultant. It typically only takes two days for us to evaluate your system and compare your methods with the methods of hundreds of HRMS users we’ve helped over the years. At the end of those two days, we’ll present you with a clear, usable action plan that will help you realize the maximum potential of your workforce management software.

Benefits of a Business Process Evaluation


Get a Clear Road Map

  • Process concludes with a Business Process Evaluation Report that outlines options for improvement
  • Use an actionable plan to reach your next business growth stage

Address Key Issues

  • Understand exactly where bottlenecks or delays are occurring – then eliminate those delays
  • Evaluation targets your specific, unique interests for growth so you can progress faster toward goals

Increase Company Productivity

  • Get key personnel aligned and on task to reach next steps
  • Create targeted training opportunities for your entire staff

Maximize ROI 

  • Realize a return on your software investment by using it to its full potential
  • Reinvigorate your software capabilities to enhance company productivity and output

How Your Business Process Evaluation Will Work


The PeopleSense business process evaluation procedure varies depending your needs, but generally includes the following three steps:

1. Pre-Visit Conference Call

Our consultant will conduct a high-level interview with your key personnel to:

  • Determine areas of concern
  • Clarify specific goals
  • Schedule the on-site visit
  • Make recommendations on any resources or materials to have ready
  • Prepare your staff on what to expect during the visit

2. Customer Site Visit

The customer site visit usually consists of two days on-site at your plant and offices to interview key HRMS users in order to:

  • Understand your business goals
  • Uncover causes of specific concerns or issues
  • Assess the current HRMS utilization and why these methods were implemented
  • Determine whether current procedures are a proper fit for the HRMS system
  • Review and discuss findings with management and key users of HRMS

3. Business Process Evaluation Report

Within two weeks after the site visit our consultant will compile a Business Process Evaluation (BPE) Report outlining the findings and recommendations, and suggesting a course of action to achieve your goals.

This report can be used as a road map for implementing improvements and enhancements to your HRMS business processes.

Questions about Business Process Evaluations?