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Customized Reports • Multi-Source Data Integration • Create Your Own Reports

How Do Companies Use Crystal Reports Training & Development?


The powerhouse reporting software, Crystal Reports, can deliver nearly any report your small or mid-sized business needs… but, we admit, it’s not the most intuitive system to learn. Stop cobbling together multiple reports from various programs or going without critical business information, and start getting access to the right information, at the right time – at your fingertips.

From in-depth training sessions to customized reports built for you (or a combination of both), your business will be assured the data you need to maximize your growth.

PeopleSense is unique when it comes to Crystal Report development, because our experienced team includes certified database administrators who can understand both your business needs and your legal requirements. In addition, our professionals work on-site or remotely, matching your schedule and setup.

Benefits of Crystal Reports Training & Development


Make Better, Faster Decisions Companywide

  • Deliver the information executives need, when they need it
  • Improve strategic planning in marketing and sales
  • Reduce time and materials waste on the shop floor
  • Maximize labor in all departments

Get the Full Picture

  • Integrate data from various sources – without duplicate data entry!
  • Combine information from spreadsheets and databases
  • Access and read web-based data from XMLs and APIs

Increase ROI

  • Studies show training improves company productivity by 8.6%
  • Get the most from your Crystal Reports software investment
  • Understand the overall picture and in-depth details of your company

Break Old Patterns

  • View and understand the numbers behind company processes
  • ID and fix problem areas
  • Ensure clear, achievable growth targets for all departments


Crystal Reports Training & Development Delivers


Detailed, Custom Reports

Learn how to pull custom data from the web, your ERP, Microsoft Office, SQL databases, and more, into unlimited customized reports that provide the exact information your various departments require.

Complex Reports

Get the PeopleSense experts on the case to bring together your most complex data. Our certified database administrators bring two decades of experience to your queries, meaning we can build the tailored reports you’ve always wanted.

Strategic Growth Planning

No matter what department, when your staff is trained to fetch exact data from within the various sections of your system, it’ll help you build better targeted growth plans and strategies – with your entire company growing at once, who knows what heights you’ll reach! 

Customized Training That Meets Your Needs

One thing we’ve learned in the past two decades is that every single company we work with is different. Because of that, we’re happy to offer Crystal Reports training that meets your specific needs and your schedule. Our #1 goal is our customers’ continuous improvement.

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