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LightWork​ Software Performance Management is a dynamic workforce management system designed to help you identify strengths and areas for improvement in employee performance and set goals for employee and company success. Web-based with familiar Microsoft Windows navigation, LightWork integrates with all HR systems.

Its flexibility and intuitive interface contains easily modified appraisals and criteria templates to help provide valuable feedback to your employees in a thoughtful and efficient way. Templates can also be created from scratch. Global setup options and integration with your organization’s current HRMS software allows quick and easy, set up, eliminating the need for rekeying of employee data and guaranteeing the accuracy of employee information.

LightWork transforms the overwhelming task of managing employees into an indispensable business strategy. With LightWork, it’s easy to identify strengths and areas for improvement in your workforce with 360 degree appraisals and align employees and groups with goals to optimize your company for success.

Frequent Questions:

What are LightWork’s deployment options?

Because your IT requirements are as diverse as your employees, we offer three deployment models. LightWork can be purchased and hosted on your server, procured as a subscription to be housed wherever your organization wishes, or leased through our software as a service (SaaS) model.

How customizable is the workflow and approval process?

LightWork enables you to define a multitude of ways to designate who should be involved in the appraisal process. Some of the options available to you are: a supervisor only appraisal, a supervisor and employee appraisal, a peer appraisal by employee’s supervisor and supervisor’s direct reports, a 360 appraisal review with supervisor, employee and employees direct reports, a 360 extended appraisal review with supervisor, supervisor’s direct reports, employee and employees direct reports, a custom appraisal review where a list of people can be assigned to provide input to the appraisal.

What can LightWork Integrate with?

The LightWork Connector allows for LightWork to integrate with any software. Some of the solutions we have already integrated with are Abila, Acumatica, Ceridian, ADP, Sage 100, Sage 300 US & CA, Paychex, Sage Abra and Sage HRMS

What if I don’t have an HRMS?

LightWork can standalone through the use of LightWork HR Lite. HR Lite houses all employee information without the need of and HRMS system or if you currently use an excel sheet. Keep track of all your employee data in one easily manageable location as our HR Lite system holds information like employee details, contact details, organizational position, primary and secondary job, employment status, etc.

Does LightWork have automated alerts and notification?

LightWork has its own internal email notification system based upon changes in workflow steps and in addition can be used in coordination with LightWork Alerts & Workflow.

Questions about LightWork Performance Management?