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Is It Time for NOVAtime Time & Attendance?


When you only have a few employees here and there, tracking labor hours is easy. However, it doesn’t take many employees to turn time tracking and hourly accrual into a full-time job.

If your company is struggling to manage hours for multiple employees, is spending significant effort each week managing time sheets, or if it’s a hassle to generate labor-hour reports to help with decisions, you know it’s time to get a robust and flexible time clock / time sheet solution.

NOVAtime Time & Attendance offers a large selection of physical time clock solutions, as well as web-based clock solutions that use apps, telephones, biometrics, and other methods for clock in. Once your employee hours are logged, NOVAtime also offers comprehensive, end-to-end time clock and time sheet management with 300+ software integrations that eliminate duplicate data entry.

Benefits of NOVAtime Time & Attendance


Easy to Use

  • 150+ pre-installed, customizable report templates
  • Virtually unlimited configurations
  • Online portals for all employees

Eliminate Paperwork

  • 300+ seamless software integrations eliminate duplicate data entry
  • View employee hours in real time, then edit and approve on screen
  • Export reports or sheets to PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, or RTF

Get Information Instantly

  • Real-time status, updates, and notifications
  • Highly configurable dashboards show info at a glance

Keep Working Your Way

  • Workflows tailor-fit to your company flow
  • Automated complex pay rules ensure employee compliance

NOVAtime Time & Attendance Features


Robust, Customizable Reports

Build your perfect report with more than 150 customizable pre-installed report templates that you can filter and sort for better data, and then export to multiple formats, including PDF, Excel, and HTML.

Online Portals

Enjoy real-time labor updates with any time / anywhere web-based access for administrators, supervisors, and employees to view hours, accruals, dashboards, and time sheets. 

Set Your Own Pay Rules

Schedule exact start and end times, create pay period definitions, pro-rate holiday hours based on historical hours worked, automate your attendance policies, and do even more with flexible, customizable, automated and nearly unlimited pay rules.

Graphical Dashboards

Offer administrator and supervisor access to highly configurable dashboards so your company can optimize your daily processes and labor-enforcement policies in real time. Dashboards also provide hardware status and software system info for administrators. 

Workflow Enabled

Create approval workflows that make sense with your long-standing company traditions, using up to 10 steps for various editing and approvals processes, including setting an alternate contact if a typical supervisor is out for the day.

300+ Third-Party Integrations

Say goodbye to duplicate data entry when you connect your time clocks and time sheets to the software you already know. Use NOVAtime’s more than 300 software integrations, including Sage software integrations and other extremely popular ERP and HR solutions, to ensure accuracy. 

Flexible Data Collection

Empower your employees with time entry based on biometrics, swipe cards, web browsers, telephones, mobile apps, and more, so that your employees can enter accurate hours in the way that works best for you. 

Payroll Compliant

Track all edits, updates, and changes using audit trails. Settle time disputes or queries with helpful, easy-to-see reason codes and notes that ensure fair, accurate pay.


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