I-9 Verification & Compliance

Automated • Online Forms • Fully Compliant

Tired of Spending Time on I-9 Verification & Compliance Tasks?


You’ve finally found the perfect employee, and now it’s time for onboarding. In addition to all the forms your new worker has to fill out for you, there’s also all that government paperwork that you have to fill out, send, and wait for verification for employment eligibility.

Make the E-Verify process a breeze with automated I-9 verification and compliance services from PeopleSense.

Fully integrated with our comprehensive background screening and credit check tool, the easy-to-use solution will automatically extract data from background check information to build an online I-9 for you. After you double-check data accuracy, it will send the form straight to the government for you.

Benefits of I-9 Verification & Compliance Automation


Save Time

  • Automated government notifications
  • Takes care of all the verification steps for you

Meet Compliance Mandates

  • Assists with completing E-Verify
  • Issues letters and notifies government agencies
  • Full audit trail for DHS/SSA compliance

Easy to Use

  • Auto-imports data to build online, ready-to-send I-9 form
  • Integrated with our background screening tool


Automated I-9 Verification & Compliance Delivers


Full Integration with Background Screening

The verification tool works hand-in-hand with PeopleSense’s background screening tool, which is probably the most comprehensive in the United States.

Online-Form Building

System will automatically extract data from the background check tool to build a seamless online I-9 form for you – all you have to do is glance over the information before it sends.

Easy Compliance

Say goodbye to time-consuming compliance paperwork. With auto-sync for data, easy-send for forms, and a full audit trail that meets DHS/SSA compliance requirements, your employment eligibility paperwork just got a whole lot easier.

Faster, Easier Hiring

Use the verification and compliance tool with background screening and recruiting software to make employee job posting, resume filtering, interview scheduling, forms completion, and onboarding a snap.

Complementary Solutions to I-9 Verification & Compliance Automation

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