HRMS Training

Improve Productivity • Increase Efficiency • Fully Personalized

What Does HRMS Training Offer?


Often after companies implement their brand-new human resources software, they’re not sure how to encourage user adoption, or even how to best extract critical executive data from the system. Learning as you go can become a frustrating process for even the most dedicated employee – especially since the pace of work never seems to slow down.

When you’re ready to get the most out of your HRMS software, PeopleSense can help with a personalized training regimen that ensures all your staff members are up to date with the features and functionalities your new software offers.

Benefits of HRMS Training


Improve Productivity

  • Studies show training improves company productivity by 8.6% overall
  • Trained employees tend to use best, fastest tools at their disposal
  • Get employees saying “aha!” instead of “oh no” 

Think Outside the Box

  • Knowledge of processes and tools helps workers develop creative solutions
  • Increased skill sets build confidence and problem-solving abilities 

Increase ROI

  • Trained employees work faster and more productively
  • Draws out maximum capabilities from your software investment

Remove Bottlenecks and Delays

  • Helps employees with shortcuts, tips, and tricks for faster job completion
  • Ensures all workers are at the same skill level
  • Moves jobs through the system quickly

Deliver Great Customer Service

  • Customer service and sales departments have immediate access to needed tools
  • Clients receive fast, seamless service with less on-hold time


HRMS Training Delivers


Secure, Effective Systems

System security starts with knowing the best practices and procedures for workplace software, and the best way to get your employees to understand their software is to close up gaps in their knowledge with targeted training sessions that address their needs.

Flexible Employees

Employees who know the software inside and out are some of your company’s most valuable assets. Not only can “power users” pass their knowledge onto new co-workers, they can fill in across the company as needed.

Happier, More Loyal Workforce

Studies show that a trained workforce not only stays with your company longer, they also make better, faster decisions on the fly, since they have the knowledge to properly understand the problem and analyze various solutions.

Optimized Software Usage

Make sure your employees aren’t resorting to cumbersome workarounds or manual paperwork to make up for gaps in their knowledge – a well-trained workforce improves your productivity, efficiency, and software return on investment.

Companywide Software Engagement

From your shop floor to your accounting department, sales, customer service, and distribution operations, employees will be able to pass work through the system quickly, and if they have questions, they’ll easily be able to find the answers they need on their own. 

Customized Training That Meets Your Needs

One thing we’ve learned in the past two decades is that every single company we work with is different. Because of that, we’re happy to offer training that meets your specific needs and your schedule. Our #1 goal is our customers’ continuous improvement.

Questions about HRMS Training?