Sage Benefits Enrollment

Can You Use Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger?


Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger streamlines the time requires to send benefits information to insurance carriers. Plus, paper-based benefits forms lead to duplicate data entry errors.

Some companies try to save time and reduce errors by creating online forms for their employees to fill out, but the individualized custom file formats that insurance carriers require take time to create and they’re filled with headaches.

Luckily, there’s now a method busy companies are using to automate benefits management: Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger. Not only does Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger save time and increase accuracy with automatic data extraction and transmission, it also helps you meet open enrollment periods with ease.



Saves Time

  • Automatic scheduling matches your carriers’ requirements
  • Extracts employee information for you, directly from your HRMS system
  • Provides all required information to insurance, no back and forth calls

Saves Money

  • Sage HRMS integration ensures you’re not paying for terminated or ineligible employees
  • 100% electronic format saves on paper and mail costs

Easy to Use

  • Auto-transmits data on schedule through your Internet connection
  • Provides email confirmation of transmission details
  • Supports all data formats with no reformatting required from you


  • Medical, dental, vision
  • Supports most plan carriers in U.S.





Sensitive employee data is protected behind your firewall and multiple layers of security, including secure FTP and SSL Internet security protocols, with PGP encryption standards and authentication certificates.

Supports Most Plan Carriers

Use the carriers you know and love, or switch carriers hassle free with easy-to-use setup features and automated data extraction and transmission to almost all insurance carriers in the U.S.

Supports All Data Formats

Use with ASCII: fixed, comma delimited, and tab delimited; XML: according to various schemas; EDI: ANSI X12 834 standard and extended (HIPAA); human-readable reports: paper, fax, PDF, and more.

Total Benefits Management

Combine with Sage Benefits Enrollment for complete, end-to-end benefits management including benefits management, self selection, premium calculations and costs, and 100% electronic capabilities. Sage HRMS is required to run Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger.

Questions about Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger?