Cyber Recruiter

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Cyber Recruiter™ from Visibility Software aligns your people, processes, and technology to provide better outcomes for your recruiting processes. Streamline your hiring and onboarding process so it actually works for you.


  • Improve your applicant experience and find better-qualified candidates
  • Automate tedious processes, freeing HR to spend more time on other high-value tasks
  • Leverage talent resources from within to save time and identify top talent
  • Accelerate the hiring cycle to fill vacancies faster
  • Gain valuable insights into your talent to drive strategic decisions


  • Integrate with more than 25,000 job boards that allow you to target specific parameters from geographic to a specialized niche.
  • Leverage your applicant pool by deploying a highly searchable resume database that retains previous highly qualified candidates.
  • Provide an employee portal to allow current employees to be part of the recruitment process and be proactive for internal promotions.


Our Recruiting Solutions Onboard New Hires in a Snap

  • Accelerate productivity for new hires and your HR team by using a task manager to assign, communicate, and onboard.
  • Capture new employee information via questionnaire, auto-fill unlimited forms, and digitally sign for HR review and approval.

Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter by Visibility Software

Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter eliminates slow, manual recruiting and paper-based onboarding processes to transform your Talent Acquisition process into a faster, more efficient hiring machine


Does your recruiting process work against you instead of for you?

  • Job creation is informal, undefined, and inefficient
  • Job marketing process is very time-consuming; tracking and managing are difficult
  • Managing applicants using excel, paper, and email is cumbersome
  • Evaluating applicants manually is inefficient and time-consuming
  • Difficulty getting job offer details gathered, presented, and approved
  • Onboarding has an overwhelming amount of new hire data and documents to manage manually

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