Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling

Why Do Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling Matter?


When you hired your first employees, you probably thought that having more people around would save you time. Little did you know how much paperwork the government would want for each employee.

Completing your employees’ payroll is complex enough, but when you add tax reporting and filing requirements, W-2 mailing, and ACA reporting, the paperwork in your office reaches critical levels – not to mention that all the time you saved by hiring people has now been replaced by tedious administrative work for you.

Didn’t you start a business so that you wouldn’t have to spend so much time doing things you hate?

Stop the cycle of overwork and paperwork, and take back your time for yourself with Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling by Aatrix. With instantaneous eFiling, paperwork streamlining, and automatic report creation, your time will once again be your own. Well, after you make those client phone calls…


Benefits of Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling


Print and Electronically File 300+ Tax Forms

  • Make it easy to meet state and federal reporting requirements
  • Say goodbye to manual tax paperwork
  • Avoid tax filing errors that result from manual data entry

Access from within Sage Payroll

  • Stop wasting time with spreadsheets and manual forms
  • Intuitive tax reporting access makes it a breeze to train an assistant
  • Secure and protect your data by keeping it in your payroll system

Create Reports Automatically

  • Instant information fetch helps save you time and reduce errors
  • Meet all requirements with reports at your fingertips
  • US and Canadian reporting

Ensure 100% Compliance

  • ACA eFiling
  • W-2 eFiling

Save Money on W-2 Mailing

  • Secured website delivers W-2s without printing costs
  • Avoid reprinting or remailing ex-employees; offer them a secure login too
  • Anytime, anywhere W-2 access


Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling Features


Sage Payroll Integration

Access your tax reporting and filing requirements from directly within your Sage Payroll system to same time and have fewer open windows.

Secure File Storage and Access

Breathe easy knowing that your employees’ private information is as securely protected as your clients’ information in a system that features multiple layers of security.

On-Screen Completion, Editing, and eFiling

Do your tax reporting, the fast, affordable, and environmentally friendly way – paperlessly! With the power to do everything you need to do onscreen, you’ll save on paper and printing costs, and you’ll save on desk space too.

Guaranteed Tax Report / Form Delivery

No matter when you file, rest assured that your tax reports will get delivered properly – they’ll never get lost in the mail. 

Eliminates Many Tax Filing Expenses

Printing and paper charges add up, but so do mailing costs, including envelopes, stamps, and trips to the post office. Save all that with paperless eFiling with Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling. 

Intuitive User Interface

With access right from your Sage Payroll system and controls that make sense, you can spend less time figuring out your software, and more time figuring out your taxes. Never mind, scratch that, because Sage Tax Forms makes it easy for you to do your taxes too! You can even train someone else to do your tax reporting for you.

Mail or Electronically Access W-2s

Say goodbye to returned W-2s due to bad addresses or printing errors, and say goodbye to the high costs of mailing all those W-2s through the post office. With Sage, you are still free to do paper mailing if you want, or you can offer electronic W-2 access.

W-2 eFiling

Just like your ACA compliance, new hire, quarterly, and annual filing, you’ll also be able to eFile your W-2s, making tax time less stressful.

Anytime, Anywhere W-2 Access

Save time, money, and the headaches of snail mail by offering your current and former employees unique logins they can use to access their W-2s anywhere and any time. 

Affordable, Scalable Pricing

eFiling and reporting are charged on a per-employee basis, so if you have a smaller company with fewer employees, you’ll have a lower Sage bill – and you’ll still get the same all-star service you’d get if you had thousands of employees.

U.S. and Canadian Reporting

Not only does Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling offer 300+ state and federal tax forms for U.S.-based employees, it also offers Canadian filing functionality, including ROE reporting. Now that’s easy North American tax filing.

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