My Workforce Analyzer

ACA Compliance • IRS Forms 1094-C/1095-C • Pay-or-Play ACA Scenario Modeling

What Does My Workforce Analyzer Do?


After the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect, many employers found themselves asking, “What should I do for coverage? Am I required to provide coverage? What’s the penalty if I don’t? How do I fill out the new IRS forms?” If you’re running Sage HRMS, we have good news: your ACA-compliance answers are finally here.

With My Workforce Analyzer, Sage HRMS users get access to an easy-to-use, workforce analysis system that helps companies of any size gain insight into their healthcare coverage options (including not providing coverage), their employee hour counts, and the detailed employee information they need to make informed coverage decisions.

Plus, with easy data import, simple set-up tutorials, and automatic IRS form generation and compliance-requirement countdowns, companies with My Workforce Analyzer will be able to stay on top of ACA coverage and reporting requirements, stress free.

Benefits of My Workforce Analyzer


Easy to Use

  • Automatic data import from Sage HRMS keeps employee info accurate
  • Works and acts like a module within your Sage HRMS solution

Saves Time

  • Auto-generates IRS forms 1094-C and 1095-C for stress-free compliance
  • All you do is review, edit, print, and send
  • Helps you update required information for one-stop ACA recordkeeping

Saves Money

  • Avoid stress and costly penalties arising from overdue reporting
  • Track full- and part-time employee counts for accurate reporting
  • Avoid penalties from underreporting coverage or hours
  • Models various scenarios to help you make confident coverage decisions

Stress-Free ACA Compliance

  • Countdowns help you plan for requirement deadlines
  • Plan for the future with large-employer classification forecasts

My Workforce Analyzer Features


Automatically Generates IRS Forms

You don’t have to wonder about how to fill out IRS forms 1094-C or 1095-C, because My Workforce Analyzer does all the work for you. Using automatic data import, helpful software reminders will give you ample time to review the data, edit if needed, print, and send – all well before your required deadline. 

Works as ACA System of Record

After a comprehensive data import from Sage HRMS, paired with a simple set-up tutorial that helps you add in extra necessary information, My Workforce Analyzer will act as an ongoing system of record for your ACA reporting, keeping your paperwork to a minimum.

Provides Analysis for Coverage Requirements

Determine the best choices for your business with scenario modeling that compares your coverage costs to penalty costs for non-coverage, as well as detailed information about your employee hours, “large employer” status, and other critical planning and budgeting information.

Integrated with Sage HRMS

Using easy data import from Sage HRMS, My Workforce Analyzer supercharges your end-to-end human resources, payroll, and benefits management system with streamlined Affordable Care Act reporting and analysis that saves you even more time.

Questions about My Workforce Analyzer?