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Ready to Protect Your Network and Computers with IT Consulting & Services?


If you can’t definitely answer the question as to when you last backed up your server or critical business data, you should seriously consider an IT protection solution from PeopleSense. Small businesses can rarely afford to employ a knowledgeable in-office IT staff – but they also have fewer resources to support them in the event of data corruption or loss.

Luckily, PeopleSense can help you protect your data against viruses and natural disasters by helping you set up and maintain backup procedures and security options – and our experienced network engineers are happy to answer or take care of your other computer issues as well.

Benefits of IT Consulting & Services


Improve Security

  • Maintain up-to-date patches and software updates
  • Keep critical data safe

Get On-Demand Help

  • IT professionals at your beck and call
  • Answers to your pressing computer questions
  • Trusted advice and support
  • No required annual contracts

Stay Up to Date

  • Seamless upgrades for software and operating system
  • Keep your servers secure with latest updates

Streamline Performance

  • Improve overall performance
  • Repair complicated issues
  • Fix and troubleshoot common problems


IT Consulting & Services Deliver


Experienced Technical Staff

Our technical staff consists of networking engineers with two decades of experience in various environments, servers, networking equipment, LAN/WAN communications, and extensive attention to security, disaster recovery, and true automation.

Operating System Updates

We want your systems to work for you, which is why we offer help with operating system updates when you need them, ensuring a smooth process and a stable environment for your offices.

Enhanced Server & Database Performance

Feel like your servers or databases aren’t quite as zippy as they used to be? We’re happy to help assess your systems and repair, update, patch, or otherwise improve system performance for you.

System & Platform Upgrades

If your business needs have outgrown your current software or hardware, we can help you discover, research, and implement new systems that’ll meet your needs now and for years to come. 

Help When You Need It

We want to empower you and your staff to perform local administration tasks that will help reduce your IT support costs – but we’re also a click away with remote support options and on-site support when you need us.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Sometimes things go wrong, but small mistakes (or large disasters) shouldn’t destroy your business. Keep your data safe with comprehensive backup solutions that we can teach you how to use or manage for you.

Questions about IT Consulting & Services?