Sage HRMS Payroll

Why Use Automated Payroll Software from Sage HRMS?

Your company’s greatest asset is your employees, which is why it’s crucial for you to avoid payroll embarrassments that make you look bad. In addition, compliance with tax laws requires you to keep detailed, historic records of all your payroll transactions. These functions are too important to leave open to error, and payroll automation is your failsafe option that keeps your records accurate, complete, and on time – all the time. Stop wasting precious time on administrative work so you have more time to grow your business.

Benefits of Sage HRMS Payroll Software


Flexible Payroll Management and Processing

  • Unlimited payroll schedules and frequencies
  • Variable pay rates and methods

Time Off Accrual Tracking

  • Vacation pay and sick time accruals for all employees

Payments Done Your Way

  • Custom checks and ready-to-print checks
  • Direct deposit
  • Payroll direct debit cards

Comprehensive Reporting

  • U.S. and Canadian reporting
  • State and federal requirements
  • Additional withholding and unemployment

Integration with Sage ERP and Sage HRMS

  • Accurate, fast data entry
  • Import/export
  • Comprehensive HR management


Sage HRMS Payroll Features


Take Care of Growing Payroll

When your business grows, your employee count does too… which means that your administrative load for processing payroll is guaranteed to increase as your company has more work to do. Save your time with payroll automation.

Tightly Linked to HR Management Software

Sage HRMS Payroll works as a standalone program or integrates with Sage HRMS, making it easier to manage benefits, time off, tax filing, recruitment, training, ACA compliance, and contract work, and other employee functions all within one system.

Keep Employee Data Private

Your employees deserve the same privacy your customers receive. With multiple layers of security in Sage HRMS Payroll, you can rest easy knowing that your human resources data is safe.

Stay Confident in Tax Compliance

Tax requirements change quickly, and tracking them requires more paperwork than anyone wants to manage. Automated payroll systems help you stay organized and in compliance with regular tax updates, provided quarterly in an easy-to-use format.

Simplify Your Payroll Process

With anytime check processing, easy-to-use selection lists, payroll customization, time-off tracking, and the option to eliminate paper paychecks entirely, your payroll will become so easy you won’t even recognize it. Thank goodness!

Complementary Solutions to Sage HRMS Payroll

Questions about Sage HRMS Payroll?