Made2Manage® Consulting

Technical Consulting • Business Process Improvement • Services and Add-Ons

Why Choose PeopleSense Made2Manage® Consulting?


Perhaps you’ve been using Made2Manage® (M2M®) for a while and you feel like you could get more out of your investment. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade and you want to make sure all your integrations and customizations stay intact. Perhaps you’re looking for support on an as-needed basis.

Whatever your reason for needing a Made2Manage® expert, PeopleSense can help.

Our consultants have a combined 70+ years of Made2Manage® experience gained from an extensive background of working specifically with manufacturing companies using M2M® Manufacturing Software as their primary ERP.

Our #1 goal is our customers’ continuous improvement.

Benefits of Made2Manage® Consulting


Save Money

  • PeopleSense’s rates are lower than the publisher’s rates
  • Maximize your ERP usage for best cost savings
  • Train to effectively use the tools you already own

Increase Productivity

  • Investigate to improve business processes
  • Find and implement the right tools for faster, better task completion
  • Address your needs with personalized customizations

Get Technical Help

  • Streamline your operations with on-demand technical help
  • Stay fast with always up-to-date software
  • Maintain a robust, secure, worry-free network 

Improve Business Processes

  • Get expert advice and action items with a business process evaluation
  • Configure your systems to eliminate workflow bottlenecks
  • Host your software on the cloud for anywhere / anytime access

Stay Focused

  • Outsource your month-end and year-end accounting tasks
  • Set up alerts and workflows for stress-free notifications

Made2Manage® Consulting Delivers


Skilled Help at Your Beck and Call

Tap the knowledge of a team that has over 70 years of combined M2M® Manufacturing Software experience, and get comprehensive or pay-as-you-go support that meets your needs.

Goal-Matched Solutions and Great Customer Service

At PeopleSense, we’re dedicated to our customers’ success and continuous improvement. We understand that your improvement is deeply personal to your company’s overall vision and goal. That’s why the first thing we do when you call us is listen carefully to your problem, so that we can make suggestions that align with your plans for the future.

Better Rates than the Publisher

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our competitive, affordable consulting and services rates, which are typically lower than the consultant rates direct from the publisher. Get all the knowledge at a fraction of the price.

Business Process Improvement

Think you can use your Made2Manage® better, but not sure where to start? We can help with a detailed and insightful business process evaluation, as well as targeted, integrated tools built to assist you in speeding up your operations.

Third-Party Add-On Integration

M2M® Manufacturing Software can’t do everything, but you can fill the gaps with our add-on solutions that help you with reporting, freight shopping, instant quoting and ordering, CRM integration, tax compliance, alerts and workflows, workforce management, and more.

Questions about Made2Manage® Consulting?