Sage Benefits Enrollment

Why Choose Sage Benefits Enrollment?


Savvy companies understand that generous, competitive benefits are the key to recruiting new employees while keeping your great employees – but benefits management takes piles of paper and too much time. Save time and empower your employees with paperless benefits self selection from Sage Benefits Enrollment.

Sage Benefits Enrollment works with Sage HRMS to offer easy-to-use, step-by-step wizards for benefits setup and selection, and offers year-round life event management for employees. Pair with Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger for an end-to-end, fully electronic benefits management system – hassle free!

Benefits of Sage Benefits Enrollment


Reduces Paperwork

  • Paperless enrollment method saves on paper, printing, and mailing costs
  • Employees can easily update life events year round
  • Links to insurance carriers’ websites for benefits summaries and brochures
  • Limit employee choices to eligible plans

Easy to Use

  • Step-by-step wizards for administrative setup
  • Walks employees through benefits open enrollment and comparisons
  • Intuitive layout means no training required 

Helps Meet Deadlines

  • Customizable email reminders remind employees to enroll
  • Provides open enrollment progress updates to administrators
  • Automated workflows flag errors fast
  • Anytime / anywhere access

Sage Benefits Enrollment Features


Step-by-Step Wizards

Setup wizards help administrators manage multiple open enrollment periods, and make it easy to specify enrollment start and end dates, insurance plan details, eligibility rules, and more. Wizards also walk employees through detailed comparisons and benefits selection in an easy-to-use format that doesn’t require training and offers digital signatures for paperless authorization. 

Customizable Email Reminders

Monitor your employees’ benefits selection progress and remind them to complete their enrollment on deadline with customizable emails containing your company’s logo and information.

Year-Round Life Events Management

Make it easy for your employees to notify HR about life events year round, including marital status changes, dependent changes, and student designation. Updating is also available during open enrollment. 

Automated Workflows

Automatically flag employee errors as they occur, and set up warning triggers that remind administrators to request corrections, helping your company meet deadlines and ensure enrollment accuracy.

Anytime / Anywhere Access

Choosing benefits is often a family decision. With anytime / anywhere access and sign up, your employees will be free to complete the step-by-step enrollment process at home with their spouse.

Link to Detailed Benefits Documentation

Encourage your employees to conduct further research and answer questions that come up by linking to plan information and brochures from within your Sage Benefits Enrollment system. 

Offers Paperless End-to-End Benefits Management

Combine with Sage HRMS Payroll and Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger to eliminate duplicate data entry errors and automatically transmit data to your insurance carriers, as well as to instantly incorporate accurate paycheck deductions for updated benefits selections.

Questions about Sage Benefits Enrollment?