Post-Pandemic Recovery and the Role of Paycards

Webinar • Wednesday, July 22nd • 2 PM ET

Why Attend the Webinar?

From interactions with customers, suppliers and employees, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated and stretched the full adoption of digital, mobile, and remote enablement.

Fintwist® Mastercard® payroll cards are the next wave of digital evolution for both the well-prepared employer and the modern employee.

A card, a mobile app, and other employee benefits combine to match technology that’s become state-of-the-art for consumers.

What You Will Learn

Attend the Post Pandemic and the Role of Paycards webinar and hear Kent Talamo, VP of Time Solutions & Services at PeopleSense, Inc and Marc Schroeder, Head of Marketing for Comdata Paycards discuss:

  • The Pandemic’s impact on the pace of digital transformation
  • How companies can prepare to compete with other organizations for the best available talent when hiring begins
  • Why Paycards are not just for the unbanked anymore

What Are Fintwist Payroll Cards? 

A paycard or payroll card, like the Fintwist Payroll Card, is a prepaid debit card that employers can use to pay employees. Each payday, the employee’s wages for that pay period are transferred to the card. Employees can use the paycard like a debit card. They can make withdrawals from an ATM, or they can use the card to directly pay for goods and services wherever debit cards are accepted.

Why Use Fintwist Payroll Cards?

  • Eliminates paper check liabilities and costs
  • Ensures payment compliance
  • Zero cost to the employer
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fintwist puts cardholders through a robust financial education program
  • Cardholders receive the highest-rated customer service in the paycard industry

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