The Fintwist Mastercard Payroll Card

What Are Paycards?

A paycard or payroll card, like the Fintwist® Mastercard® payroll card, is a prepaid debit card that employers can use to pay employees. Each payday, the employee’s wages for that pay period are transferred to the card. Employees can use the paycard like a debit card. They can make withdrawals from an ATM, or they can use the card to directly pay for goods and services wherever debit cards are accepted.

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Going Paperless with Fintwist

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Benefits of Fintwist Paycards

  • Eliminates paper check liabilities and costs
  • Ensures payment compliance
  • Zero cost to the employer
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fintwist puts cardholders through a robust financial education program
  • Cardholders receive the highest-rated customer service in the paycard industry

Features of Fintwist Paycards

  • Employees get their money instantly — money is available and on their card on payday
  • Saves your employees time — balance can be checked via phone, web or mobile app
  • Employees can pay bills & shop online and access P2P payment apps
  • Cards can be used anywhere: shops, restaurants, gas stations, online
  • Unlimited cash withdrawals at over 58,000 AllPoint Network ATMs nationwide
  • Money can be transferred from the card to a bank account or from a bank account to the card
  • Mobile app access allows user to pause or freeze their account for a lost card
    * Fees may apply to some features above

Questions about Fintwist Mastercard Paycards?