Migrate from Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS

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There are many reasons to migrate from Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS. These reasons fall into four main categories:

  • New Features and Benefits of Sage HRMS
  • New Features and Benefits of Sage HRMS Payroll
  • Database
  • Support

New Features and Benefits of Sage HRMS

Sage HRMS has:

  • A new, cleaner interface
  • Employee photo on all pages
  • Personalized search capabilities
  • Single sign-on to employee ESS
  • More connected services – Crystal, My Workforce Analyzer, OrgPlus, Sage 100, Sage 500, Garnishment Manager, HR Actions, Benfits Manager, plus more
  • Improvements to attachments (e.g., I-9, resume, W-4, etc.)
  • Updated Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Newer technology (SQL)
  • Multiple server configurations – this can improve security and speed
  • Potential for multiple environments – such as, virtual servers or cloud-hosted servers, allowing for remote access, etc.

New Features and Benefits of Sage HRMS Payroll

There are many appealing changes for payroll users: changes that reduce errors, changes that expose the “end results” during the payroll process so you can make corrections before the final payroll is processed, and changes that allow great ability to customize the process and reporting.

Other improvements to payroll include:

  • All reporting (e.g., Timecard, Payroll, Year End) done from same transaction record, reducing data errors and hiccups
  • No more “Optimize and Reform”
  • No more “Quarter Close Process”
  • No more “HR Lockout during Payroll Processing”
  • On-demand checks (direct depost, single employee or group)
  • Direct deposit (flat dollar, % of gross, % of net)
  • Payroll reports – use Crystal which supports direct export to PDF or Excel
  • General ledger – every account validated plus GL information provided during “Trial Payroll” and GL account modification possible at the timecard level


Sage Abra Suite uses FoxPro as its back-end. Sage HRMS uses the more modern (and supported) SQL database as its back-end.

When you compare SQL to FoxPro, you find that SQL has:

  • Better performance – it’s faster
  • Better security – SQL has the lowest number of security vulnerabilites across all databases according to the Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC)
  • Built-in recovery mechanisms – in SQL, transactions can be rolled back if not completed entirely, therefore data is not corrupted due to power or network failure
  • Automated scheduled backups of the database
  • Automated re-indexing of database – re-indexing optimizes performance (specifically the speed and size of the database)
  • Growth as your company grows – FoxPro has a 2 GB table size limit; SQL does not
  • Easier integration with other applications – SQL is more flexible to integrate with
  • Support from Microsoft and Sage


Microsoft stopped supporting FoxPro (the database that drives Sage Abra Suite) in 2015.

The final update for Sage Abra Suite 9.1 was Q3 2015. The final update for Sage Abra Suite 9.0 was Q1 2013. The final update for Abra Suite 7.8/7.9 was Q1 2012.

The most recent update to these programs was two years ago. In the meantime, Sage has been losing older, experienced technical support staff who knew and could support the older versions of Sage Abra Suite.

If you are on one of these versions of Sage Abra Suite, then you should be concerned. It’s time to migrate to Sage HRMS.

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