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Why Watch the On-Demand Demo?

Sage HRMS stands apart by removing as much complexity as possible from your business—creating greater freedom for you to succeed for years to come.

Watch the demo and learn how you can turn chaos into clarity, improve efficiency, and make stronger decisions faster by managing all your employee-related information and processes in a single solution

What You Will See

View the demo to learn how to track and quickly access:

  • Personal Information – Demographics, Leave of Absence, Termination, plus more
  • Job and Pay – Get all pay information for each employee
  • Benefits – Insurance Benefits, Savings Benefits, Dependents and Beneficiaries, plus more
  • Safety – OSHA Reports, OHS Reports, Workers Comp
  • Career – Skills, Education, Previous Employer
  • Time Off – Attendance Summaries, Attendance Transactions
  • Payroll – Pay, Taxes, Garnishment, EFT, Activity, plus more
  • Custom Fields – Business Property, or whatever fits your needs

What is Sage HRMS?

Sage HRMS is a complete on-premises human resource management solution, which helps you maximize every dollar you invest in your employees, respond to the HR challenges you face every day, and focus on what matters most.

Using Sage HRMS, you can:

  • Manage all your employee-related information and processes in a single solution.
  • Make stronger decisions faster with improved access to workforce analytics.
  • Ensure government compliance to avoid company risk when meeting federal and state rules, regulations, and reporting requirements.
  • Closely monitor employee records and personnel actions, HR compliance, benefits administration, absence management, reporting (standard and custom), and data import/export actions.

Sage HRMS is the most complete human resource management solution for small businesses–– driving improved efficiency and better decisions across all your key HR tasks. 

Watch the on-demand demo today!

View the on-demand demo!