Social Media and HR

White Paper
Social Media and HR White Paper

Social media is making a huge impact on the way we use the Internet, communicate with friends and family, network with business colleagues, gather information, and make decisions.

In business, it can provide unique opportunities to promote products and services, find and recruit talented employees, and deliver an interactive customer experience.

But there are also risks, such as the potential to damage the company’s reputation and brand, lose intellectual property, or invite lawsuits by employees, job applicants, or customers.

From an HR perspective, it can be hard to tell if it is your friend or your foe.

But one thing is clear: The time to adopt strategies and policies for your business is right now.

Get this in-depth white paper and discover:

  • How HR can support the business in pursuing social media opportunities
  • How HR can help the business avoid social media pitfalls
  • How to create a social media policy
  • If your company should monitor social media

HR professionals need to take a leading role not only in determining their own use of social media, but also in protecting the company from social media risks.

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