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The best workforce management solutions offer a proper balance between functionality and efficiency by being comprehensive and flexible yet simple to use and cheap to maintain.

At PeopleSense, we know that time is a luxury that none of us can afford to waste and pride ourselves in not only offering solutions to save that precious commodity, but reflect that belief in the efficiency of our client services.

For over a decade, PeopleSense has provided consultation and technical services for clients across many different industries throughout the United States and Canada.

We welcome you to experience what truly personalized service should be.


A wide range of comprehensive solutions and services are available to be individually tailored to fit both your initial needs and remain flexible and scalable enough to grow with your business over time.

Some of our offerings include:

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Recent News

Announcement: Sage HRMS and Sage ABRA Support Changes

Announcement: Sage HRMS and Sage ABRA Support Changes

Sage recently announced that the way you contact a Sage HRMS and Sage ABRA support analyst is changing.   Calling Sage for Sage HRMS or Sage ABRA is no longer an option after June 19, 2020.   You will be able to open the “Help” menu within Sage HRMS or Sage...

What is a Paycard?

What is a Paycard?

A paycard (or payroll card) is an alternative to a traditional bank account or paper check that allows an un- or underbanked employee to be paid electronically via direct deposit.   25.2% of the US workforce is un- and underbanked. The FDIC defines an unbanked...

Is It Time to Trade in Sage Abra for Sage HRMS? That Depends

Is It Time to Trade in Sage Abra for Sage HRMS? That Depends

Discover If Sage HRMS Is Right for Your Business   At this point, the evidence is clear. Modern businesses looking to grow need to increase their agility, so they can take advantage of the many opportunities they run across – and in today’s hiring environment,...

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