Sage Alerts and Workflow Is Your Invisible HR Assistant That Never Misses a Thing


There are few things more frustrating to the HR department than finding out about a deadline or event after it is too late to do anything about it. Key staff members are too frequently left without the information they need to do their jobs. Unfortunately, some of this information is critical for operations, and the company could end up in serious trouble if it is missed or overlooked.

Sage Alerts and Workflow will help you make sure that nothing ever slips through the cracks unnoticed.

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What Is Sage Alerts and Workflow?

You can think of Sage Alerts & Workflow like a super-brain for the HR Department: never sleeping, never missing a date or task, never getting sick, never even taking a day off. It is a companywide solution that tracks and monitors everything, across the cloud and on-premises. It would be impossible for a human to achieve this level of oversight.

These are some of the benefits Sage Alerts & Workflow brings to HR:

  • Easy Step-by-Step Wizard Set Up

It all begins with an easy-to-use wizard set up that guides administrators to create the triggers, alerts, and workflows that matter to your business. No need for IT, and no programming skills or knowledge are required to get on track with your HR tasks.

  • Unlimited Triggers

Set up unlimited exceptions and events triggers to ensure that information is getting to the people who need it, when they need it. The unlimited triggers keep you updated on certification expirations, safety trainings, performance reviews, leave-of-absence notifications, employee benefits, address changes, employee wellness events, discount expirations, software updates, and anything else you can think of.

  • Scheduled or Real-Time Alerts

Make the phrase, “If only I had known…” a thing of the past. Learn about important things as they happen so you can deal with them in real time and stay agile. For each trigger you set up, you have the option to choose dynamic scheduled alerts or real-time alerts. This is crucial for always staying up to date without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Anytime / Anywhere Notifications

Alerts and notifications can be sent to management and other staff using multiple methods including email, text, fax, screen pop-ups, and dashboards. Send critical reports any time of day, while only sending other, less important alerts and notifications during business hours.

  • Comprehensive Companywide Reporting

Companywide exceptions management empowers you with the ability to view events in all departments, complete with a full audit trail. Sage Alerts & Workflow can also automate report delivery to save time and ensure quick management insight exactly when it is needed.

Knowing Is the Most Important Thing

Sage Alerts and Workflow monitors your data 24/7. It never sleeps or even closes its eyes, and it helps ensure that all identified time-sensitive events will be addressed on time.

This not only keeps HR informed and up to date, but also helps you take full advantage of time-sensitive opportunities while preventing serious problems from ever occurring in the first place.


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