Effective, Affordable Talent Management Is Easy, It Just Takes Know-How


The future is coming. Are you prepared?

According to experts, Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. Experts also claim that there’s a looming job shortage, especially in the manufacturing industry, in which 2 million jobs will go unfilled by 2025. Savvy companies will understand that these statistics all point to the same unavoidable fact: recruiting and retaining Millennial employees will be the key to having a competitive advantage.

If you aren’t planning your Millennial talent management strategy now, you may be left behind.

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Recruiting Is Tougher Than Ever with Millennials

As a small business owner, you’ve probably deleted endless, irrelevant recruitment messages in your inbox and on LinkedIn. Everyone has. While these small annoyances may not stand out to you personally, they do stand out on a global scale. They show that today’s recruiters are desperate to find candidates – and traditional hiring methods aren’t working anymore because Millennials don’t respond to them.

In the past, a typical recruitment strategy relied on placing ads, sifting through resumes, and contacting and interviewing candidates. Cold calling and cold emailing were also options – with varying results.

These days, the recruitment process has changed. Those old methods don’t work anymore because ads and cold calling / emailing are probably the worst way to reach Millennial candidates. Not only does their generation rarely answer the phone or read unsolicited emails, they’re also unlikely to read the paper or job boards. (They may not even know what a job board is!)

These days, competitive companies understand that they need modern tools to attract modern, Millennial workers. Cyber Recruiter can be a great option because it seamlessly integrates with the popular Sage HRMS solution.

Successful Talent Management Strategies Plan for Retention

Of course, hiring is only one part of the overall HR hurdle in today’s business landscape. Companies that have managed to hire Millennial employees must make an effort to retain them long term. Remember, by 2025, experts are expecting a job shortage, so your competition for skilled workers will only be tougher in the future.

Your key to success lies in retaining the Millennial employees you have and will soon have, so you don’t have to worry about hiring again in a few short years.

Luckily, Millennials are very forthcoming about what they like and don’t like about their jobs. If you ask them, they’ll happily tell you what they want more of, such as snacks and puppies (really). In addition, PwC reports that Millennials value training and development opportunities over financial rewards – which is good news for companies of all sizes that are looking to hire skilled positions.

Clearly, your competitive advantage lies in better training opportunities that will help you attract and retain employees, but even if you’ve already decided that training is an essential component of your long-term talent management strategy, you may be running into problems tracking and managing training initiatives companywide.

PeopleSense Can Help

After the upcoming talent management webinar from PeopleSense, you’ll understand:

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The Secret to Talent Management: Employee Engagement Never Stops

Gone are the days in which you could trust that the employees you hired would stay with your company for years. Today’s younger workforce expects to stay at a job an average of 1.6 years, and that brief time means you must always focus on recruitment and retention for your workforce.

The good news is that, not only can you make your recruitment and retention tasks easier with PeopleSense, your efforts are also likely to provide you with better employee productivity. Companies that focus on training and development are more likely to have a more engaged staff – and companies with engaged employees not only earn significantly more than their disengaged counterparts, they’re also 21% more productive than competitors.

There’s never been a better time to focus on your talent management strategy, which is why PeopleSense is here to help. As we said earlier, the future is coming. With PeopleSense on your side, you’ll be prepared.


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