Fly Over Your Business Hurdles with Sage HRMS


Growing businesses know: hiring new employees increases your scalability and therefore your earning potential, but if you don’t have a good way to manage your employee paperwork and payroll, you’ll start wondering how much time you’ve really “saved” by hiring help.

Get help cutting down your administrative time, and remedy seven other common small-business problems by using Sage HRMS. Learn more in today’s post.

First Off, What Is Sage HRMS?

Sage HRMS is a leading Human Resources Management System that helps you get organized and maintain compliance while you keep important records handy and paper-free, all while cutting down on administrative time.


Watch the overview for Sage HRMS to learn more:


How Does Sage HRMS Help?

HRMS lets you mix and match your workforce management solutions, so you can choose the helpful options and features that best meet your needs.

Here are the seven most common issues our clients solve with Sage HRMS:

7. Looking up details in employee records is too time-consuming.

Solution: Sage’s centralized HR database keeps track of your employee records the paperless way, with electronic files that your company’s supervisors can access and update seamlessly. Access is protected and based on strict security permissions so you never have to worry about safety.

6. Processing payroll requires too much paperwork.

Solution: Payroll management from Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS Payroll makes paycheck printing, benefits accruals, and time-off management an easy, paperless process, and makes 100% electronic payroll a reality. With payroll management options that integrate with Sage HRMS, you can finally process your U.S. and Canadian taxes stress free.

5. I hate payroll!

Solution: Don’t want to do payroll? We understand. Luckily, with Sage Payroll Services, you can outsource your payroll processing and distribution to Sage, all using information drawn from your Sage HRMS system.

4. Entering in new employees or changing existing employee records takes a lot of typing.

Solution: Have employees enter their own data on a flexible, secure, easy-to-use self-service portal. They can use self-service to manage everything from on-boarding forms to insurance options selections / updates, and from time-off requests to continuing-education reimbursement requests. Even better, HRMS modules help you create custom forms and wizards – it’ll even send relevant completed data to your authorized third parties so you’ll never have to enter employee data again. Anywhere.

3. I seem to find out about everything after it’s already happened.

Solution: HRMS offers handy alerts so you and your key personnel know when critical events or deadlines are approaching, and you can set up the software with automated workflows that help you manage actions in a variety of situations.

2. It’s hard to get my employees prepared with all the knowledge they need.

Solution: Contrary to popular opinion, employees these days work harder than ever, and they’re motivated to learn everything they can about your product or service, new sales techniques, and other company-building skills. Encourage your best employees’ “go-get-‘em” attitudes with training management solutions for Sage HRMS.

1. Making decisions is hard because I never have the information I need.

Solution: Many small business owners we meet act solely on gut instinct. We aren’t criticizing instincts – after all, it’s gotten you the success you have today. However, business owners are often surprised when they see objective metrics that show their business processes and operations performance, as well as their employee statistics. These numbers can help them use their well-honed instincts to grow more, faster.

Focus on What Matters: Growing Your Business

With an easy-to-use method for managing and inspiring your workforce, you’ll see better employee engagement and higher levels of motivation – and you’ll save a lot of time that you can then refocus on what really matters: building your business.


Learn more about how Sage HRMS can help your growing business when you schedule your no–stress consultation with the workforce management experts at PeopleSense. Contact us online today.