Set Your Plans in Place to Migrate from Sage Abra to Sage HRMS


Sage Abra Suite has been the workhorse of the human resources management software world for years, but as we move forward into the future, it may be time to update your system to a newer, faster, more secure option. PeopleSense is here to help you migrate from Sage Abra to Sage HRMS.

Why Migration Matters Right Now

As we move into a new world of computer security vulnerabilities such as ransomware and large-scale hacking, your business data is now more at risk than ever before. Though we’re sure you’ve heard the advice already, you should make sure you protect your business with secure, robust technology.

Sage works hard to ensure that all their products have extremely secure features including role-based access, frequent updates, and other protective measures. However, Sage Abra has recently lost some security functionality due to the retirement of FoxPro, the backend system that Abra was built on.

In an effort to focus on enhancing the security of their latest systems, Microsoft, the makers of FoxPro, has been quietly withdrawing support for older systems. They ended support for FoxPro in 2015, which means that although your Sage Abra software is rock-solid, the framework it’s built on no longer is.

In a way, this is kind of like having a home security system, but leaving your windows open.

You may want to consider upgrading your software.

Comparing the Two Systems: Sage Abra Suite vs. Sage HRMS

Luckily, Sage HRMS provides a worthy successor to your handy Sage Abra Suite.

While it’s a little unfair to put these two systems head to head due to their ages, you deserve a clear comparison to help aid you in your decision of whether or not you’d like to upgrade to the latest HR management technology.

Of course, the most important feature that Sage HRMS has in comparison to Sage Abra Suite is the fact that Sage HRMS is built on a highly secure SQL backend instead of the now unsupported FoxPro.

According to the Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC), SQL is one of your safest bets for a database because it has the lowest number of security vulnerabilities across all databases.

Other SQL security features include:

  • Faster speeds and better performance
  • Built-in recovery that helps you save data in case of power failure
  • Automated backup scheduling
  • Scalability
  • Enhanced integration options
  • Full Microsoft and Sage support

However, you’ll also experience other benefits if you choose to migrate from Sage Abra to Sage HRMS.

Compared to Sage Abra, Sage HRMS offers:

  • An updated look and feel
  • Personalization and employee photos
  • Easier-to-use employee self service (ESS)
  • Connected services that streamline your HR management
  • Improved attachments, such as I-9s and W-4s
  • Anywhere / anytime cloud hosting capabilities

Abra Suite Payroll vs. Sage HRMS Payroll

As you already know, a good HR management system can do more than just store and manage employee contact data. It can also speed the payroll process so you can complete your payment tasks in less time.

If you choose to migrate from Sage Abra to Sage HRMS Payroll, you’ll experience:

  • Fewer errors
  • Insight into your “end results” for corrections during the payroll process
  • Customization for payroll and reporting
  • Seamless reporting from a single source of information
  • An end to “HR Lockouts during Payroll Processing”
  • On-demand check processing
  • Flexible payroll reports
  • Enhanced GL functionality
  • Direct deposit options

There’s No Better Time to Migrate from Sage Abra to Sage HRMS

If you’ve been wanting a more powerful system to handle your HR tasks with ease, now is a great time to migrate to a new HRMS system. But you have many options.

To assist you in making your decision, PeopleSense can help answer any questions you have regarding your Sage software security or your HR software choices.

If you’re ready to upgrade your system now, PeopleSense can also provide the IT, data, and technical knowledge you need to complete your migration successfully.


If you’re ready to learn more about how you can migrate from Sage Abra to Sage HRMS, PeopleSense can help.