Solve Payroll Hassles with the Flexible the Fintwist® Mastercard Paycard

Small- and mid-sized businesses are as unique and varied as their leaders, with varying stances and opinions, but there’s one thing that all business leaders can agree on: processing paper paychecks is a serious hassle.

Even if you don’t print all the checks yourself, sorting and distributing checks takes the better part of a day ­– either each week or every two weeks. At the pace of today’s business landscape, that’s just too darn much time spent on a single task.

Finally, there’s a faster, better way to process payroll (paperlessly!): the Fintwist® Mastercard® paycard.

What Is the Fintwist® Mastercard Paycard?

A new, convenient solution to the paper check payroll headache, the Fintwist® Mastercard payroll card (“paycard”) meets your needs as an employer and also delivers big benefits to your employees.

Because the Fintwist® Mastercard paycard works like a debit card, employee benefits include:

  • No-cost purchases and cash back
  • Ability to shop and pay bills online
  • Simple, no-fee setup
  • Instant spending power on payday
  • Flexible funds transfers between cards or accounts

The Fintwist® Mastercard paycard is also a great deal for employers. Employer benefits include:

  • Custom implementation plan that meets state requirements
  • No-cost setup
  • Integration with your current payroll process
  • Employer support and instant replacement cards

Plus, once you reach 100% paycard use, the Fintwist® paycard will celebrate your paper-free accomplishment by planting a grove of trees in your company’s name!

A Lifetime of Benefits with Fintwist® Mastercard Paycards

As you can see, the Fintwist® Mastercard paycard offers numerous benefits to employees and employees alike, but one of its biggest benefits may not seem immediately evident.

The Fintwist® paycard helps employees overcome many of the challenges of income inequality and also teaches them responsible money management habits that can benefit them throughout their lives.

According to experts, 25.2%* of U.S. employees are un- and underbanked, which means they must pay fees to access their money.

If employees don’t have banks or credit cards, they’re only able to deal in cash transactions, which limits them from participating fully in the conveniences of our modern economy. It also limits their opportunities to learn good money management techniques.

With the Fintwist® Mastercard paycard, your un- and underbanked employees will finally have the freedom to immediately access the money they’ve earned, with no check-cashing fees, and they’ll also have access to robust money management education, free of charge.

With a no-cost setup and a fast setup for you, financial empowerment for your employees, and a grove of trees planted in your company’s honor once you’re fully paperless – what are you waiting for?


Contact PeopleSense to learn more about the Fintwist® Mastercard paycard and how it can help improve your payroll process.



*2017 FDIC Survey of Un- and Underbanked Households