You Can’t Afford to Ignore These HR Mandates


Forget about boardroom drama. These days, most of your business’s drama is somewhere you’d least expect it: the HR department.

Much of the work in HR is tedious and time consuming because it requires your HR personnel to fill out thousands of detailed forms with perfect accuracy on very short deadlines. Think those forms aren’t important and that HR is making mountains out of molehills? Think again.

Every single HR form is critical to your business success because non-compliance fees and lawsuit costs add up quickly if you get the facts wrong. 

If you’ve got an HR team or professional, your business is probably covered because HR pros understand how important it is to keep up with current employment laws. However, if you’re handling HR yourself, you should make sure you don’t make a costly mistake by falling foul of the trickiest, yet most common compliance mandates you face.

Luckily, PeopleSense has got you covered with a clear, easy-to-read white paper that will get you up to speed on those laws right now. Download the white paper here.

How to Protect Your Business

According to past studies by Chubb Insurance, your business has a 25% chance of being sued for an HR-related violation – and non-compliance fines are even more common than lawsuits.

If you’re ready to take action and protect your business from these costly penalties, you’ll have to ensure that you keep up to date with the ever-changing employment laws. To understand each law, you should be familiar with the most common mandates, as well as regulations and rules that affect your specific industry or classification. The white paper from PeopleSense and Sage helps by clearly explaining 10 common HR categories and laws.

The white paper offers you:

  • An overview of mandates
  • Your options for meeting the mandates
  • An examination of the areas in each law that are most likely to cost you

Get Information on 18 Laws in 10 Specific “Hot-Button” Categories

It takes a lot of knowledge and research to fully understand the many laws that govern the HR process, especially because the current laws today stretch back 80 years. Since that time, the laws and mandates have changed significantly, many times. Your key to HR success is staying on top of the laws that affect you.

Not sure what you know and don’t know? Here’s a handy list of questions you should ask yourself to determine your level of understanding. If you find yourself unsure of the answers to any of these questions, we recommend the white paper. You can find every single answer to these questions there.

Important Questions:

  • How long must you maintain employee schedules?
  • Do your expense reimbursements create a murky area that turn your independent contractors into employees?
  • Are you cluttering your files with I-9 records you don’t need?
  • Do you know what constitutes the 75-mile wide “Bermuda Triangle” of leave requests?
  • How fast are you required to report to OSHA when a worker is hospitalized?
  • What is the biggest, most active area of litigation that employers face?
  • Can you legally enforce a mandatory retirement policy?
  • What is the garnishment limit for an individual with two children?
  • In what ways does the ACA affect ERISA?

Get the Answers You Need – Easily

With decades of HR software experience backing us and a proven track record of helping busy HR departments streamline their workloads, you can trust that PeopleSense will get you the integrated solutions you need to ensure compliance, reduce your administrative load, and even improve employee satisfaction across the enterprise.

But, of course, you won’t really know what kind of software you need if you’re not sure where your business may be falling behind in your HR recordkeeping.

PeopleSense is here to help by offering a handy, in-depth white paper that covers all the information you need to confidently navigate today’s laws and requirements, so you can avoid common pitfalls. The white paper also offers helpful resources that will further boost your knowledge about HR mandates.


Download the white paper, “Avoid Costly Fines: Ten Compliance Mandates You Can’t Afford to Ignore” to get instant access to the HR information you need.